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Maryland Construction Defect Lawyers handling Construction defect cases in Maryland and the District of Columbia

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 Maryland Construction Lawyers

Maryland Construction Defect Lawyers practicing construction defect law in Maryland and Washington DC


Representing clients from all over the United States in Maryland and the District of Columbia


COWIE & MOTT, P.A. is a construction law firm with Maryland construction defect lawyers known for handling construction law matters and resolving construction legal disputes. Our construction defect lawyers and construction litigation attorneys practice throughout the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. In addition to representing local individuals and businesses, the construction defect lawyers at COWIE & MOTT represent clients from all over the United States in construction defect related matters. We handle design defect claims, faulty workmanship claims, delay claims resulting from construction defects, failure to comply with plans and specifications, building code violations, failure to comply with industry standards, failure to comply with manufacturer’s installation instructions, faulty and defective construction materials, delay claims resulting from construction defects, property damage claims caused by construction deficiencies and defects, and other construction defect elated matters.

The Maryland and Washington DC construction defect lawyers at COWIE & MOTT are known for handing complex residential and commercial construction defect claims, including defectively constructed, high-rise buildings, mid-rise buildings, individual homes, shopping centers, warehouses, bridges, retaining walls, storm water management ponds, roadways, sidewalks, below ground utilities, parking garages claims, grading, structural failures, and other construction defect legal disputes. The experienced Maryland and Washington DC construction defect lawyers of COWIE & MOTT provide legal advice and legal representation to owners, developers, condominium associations, HOAs, subcontractors, material suppliers, design professionals, architects, engineers, sureties and construction lenders.Contact us to speak with a Wasginton DC Construction Attorney at COWIE & MOTT for a complimentary and confidential consultation regarding your case.