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COWIE & MOTT, P.A. is a construction law firm with Maryland construction defect attorneys known for litigating, defending and resolving construction defect disputes. The construction litigation lawyers at Cowie & Mott practice construction defect law throughout the State of Maryland and Washington DC (District of Columbia). Our Maryland construction defect attorneys represent commercial property owners, construction lenders, developers, construction companies, building contractors, subcontractors, condominium associations, homeowners associations, sureties and investors in construction defect disputes and breach of construction contract claims.

Cowie & Mott’s team of experienced Maryland construction defect attorneys and litigation lawyers understand construction standards and the issues important to the investigation and proof of construction defect claims. Nicholas D. Cowie and T.Allen Mott have over 50 years combined experience practicing construction law and have been involved in some of the largest cases that have shaped Maryland construction defect law. Mr. Cowie served as trial counsel in the case Milton Co. vs. Bentley Place Condominium in which a jury awarded $6.6 million against a builder for construction defects in addition to an award of $500,000 in attorneys fees. More recently, Mr. Mott obtained a $5.6 million jury award in a construction defect case against a national builder. See our Blog Post. : “Cowie & Mott Attorneys Obtain $5.6 million jury award for construction defects.” More recently, T. Allen Mott obtained a $5.6 million jury award in a construction defect case in the Circuit Court of Maryland for Anne Arundel County in Annapolis. See our Blog Post: $5.6 million jury award for construction defect damages obtained by Cowie & Mott attorney. Nicholas D. Cowie established the “Construction Law” course at the University of Baltimore School of Law where he served as an adjunct professor of construction law and also drafted and led the effort to obtain passage the  statutory construction defect warranty laws effective October 1, 2010. See our  Blog Post: Maryland Attorneys Enforcing Statutory Construction Defects Warranty Claims.

Our construction defect attorneys investigate and resolve construction defect claims, including  disputes involving structural building failures, improperly installed leaking roofs and windows, building water infiltration problems, defective concrete, soil subsidence, failure to follow plans and specifications, violation of building codes, improper installation of materials, project delay, breach of construction contract, design  defects, and other damage caused by defects and failures in the construction and design of all types of construction projects and completed developments such as condominiums, commercial offices, high rise and mid-rise buildings, parking garages and bridges.

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Maryland Construction Defect Attorneys and Construction Litigation Lawyers


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